When our foster son from Nepal came to live with us in Zaandam, he told us after a few days that he wanted to start a webshop. I want to sell pure Nepalese products he said. Directly delivered from Nepal to costumers in Holland.

And her it is. Our new webshop Purelynepalshop.com.

Ronald Hoogenbosch

Founder of the webshop.

Business and financial manager.

Binod Khadka


Creative, and category manager.

Akash Gautam

Category manager in Nepal.

He visits our whole sellers and the factories in Nepal.

He also negociates with the whole sellers for the best prices for our costumers.

Sumi Shahi

Our marketing manager in Nepal.

Our story.

We want to make a connection between Nepal and the Netherlands, by selling pure Nepalese products. All our products are made in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. We only work fairtrade, with small factories. Everything is made by hand with local products. By working with small factories in the countryside, we help local people to get a better life.